Sunday, May 6, 2012

Here & There

Sticking with a plan is something that's tough for me. By the time I get the good for me habit down, it seems like there is always something that comes up that requires me to change things.
I write lists like it's my job, but following through is something that I have never been that great at. So, it's what I'm working on right now. A simple daily list, filled with things I usually do anyways, as some kind of "hey, I CAN cross this off my list!" type thing. Maybe that's what I need. Hopefully it helps.

The 2 week challenge workouts are at the top of my list. Water, steps, and most importantly - positive thinking.

The positive thinking is a HUGE thing for me. Instead of pointing out all the bad, instead of acknowledging the things Hailey does wrong, I'm trying to focus on the things she does that are good. She put dirty laundry in the basket instead of leaving it on the floor? Way to go! She didn't throw a fit while at the store? Whoohoo!
I'm not an expert, but so far it's working.

This weekend is full of birthday celebrations -the little one turns FIVE tomorrow. Yesterday, we went to Chuck E Cheese's, where we all split a pizza. I did have a cup of mountain dew, BUT followed it up with 2 cups of water.
Today is her birthday party. We're doing sandwiches, so nothing too unhealthy. I'm not a fan of cake, so no temptations there!

I posted on the forums, but I'll add it here: I'm attempting to do more cooking, but need some suggestions of easy to make recipes. So share away!

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  1. It is hard to stay on track when celebrations so cuddles to you

  2. It's ok to indulge just get back on track. Hope you have a great week.

  3. I love how you mentioned about pointing out the good stuff! Sometimes we forget to do that too, but it truly makes a difference. For recipes, check out Pinterest!!

  4. I like your idea of filling your to do list with things you do already and focusing on the positive!

  5. You're so right - a positive attitude goes a LONG way to success! Good work!

  6. I find I have more success with my kids even we talk about positives too, boy its freakin hard. So proud of you!
    Love the list idea, staring at the basics. I often have a hard time with that.
    You're doing awesome & you inspire me :)

  7. I know what you mean about following through with things. I also have that problem. I start off really good and then something happens and I never finish it up. That is a great idea about the list. I need to start doing that so that I can just keep up. And yes, positive attitude does help tons. I hope you are having a wonderful week!

  8. I love what you say about counting the positive – I have been stewing on the notion of "measure what matters," and that fits right in.

    As for recipes: did you check out that string on the forums?,16.0.html