Saturday, April 28, 2012


I've had a tough week. Heck, I'd go as far as to say I've had a tough year. It's been a rough ride, but! I'm hoping that I can commit to this 2 week challenge, and then, maybe [hopefully] push through for another 2 weeks after that.

I made a personal goal to drink more water/less pop. It's been hard, and I'm not where I want to be. I'm getting there though - the pop has made less of an appearance in the last two weeks.
I'm finding myself making better...smarter choices. Instead of opting to make fast food runs for work lunches, I've packed [healthy] instead. It pushes me to make better choices for Hailey as well, which is equally important. Now if only I can keep it up.

This week's goal is not so much of a move it/lose it type one. This week, I want to focus on the kid. This last week has been a tough one for her, I'm not sure what the problem was, but her attitude was definitely not the greatest. She pushes my buttons in a way that I'm not proud of. I've lost my patience more than once this week, and it's not at all like me. It's left me feeling like a less than stellar parent, I'll admit. I'm at the end, everything I've tried, I've failed miserably with. I don't know what to do anymore. If anybody has any suggestions on how to handle a temperamental attitude filled five year old, I'm all for hearing them.
I'm hoping, with a little more positive attention and maybe the opportunity to get outside in the sunshine, we'll have a better week.


  1. Hugs Sweetie!
    I find that changing it up works the best with dealing with my very moody eight year old. Something that worked on Monday doesn't work on Tuesday :(
    I find the best results with her when I focus on the good and compliment her even for the littlest things. When she does act out I try to pretend it isn't noticeable (unless it is just that bad) usually she gives up now.
    I say things like "oh I'm sorry were you talking to me because I couldn't hear you using your nice voice." or "Is this how you act at school? Then why are you treating me this way?"
    Good luck :)

  2. My daughter turned 4 this week and It has been like that as well. Miss Attitude. I just explain to her how that behavior is unacceptable and she doesn't get to do as many fun things like watch TV or go places if she is going to act like that. I give her more positive praise when she is being good. I know it is a stage of Testing..but I, too, and ready for it to be over. Don't give up :)

  3. Hey, we all have those weeks where we feel like the worse parent on the planet. In fact I had a day like that myself this past week. The important thing is to pick ourselves up, forgive ourselves, and the show our kiddos how much we love them. Good luck with your daughter and I'll see you on Twitter during the challenge :)

  4. I hope you have a wonderful week. Kids can really add a new angle to a tough week. I have two very dominant personality type children and finding time for my own exercise and keeping the house running smoothly can be a constant headache. Wishing you the best and can't wait for the 2 week challenge either!

  5. Sunshine changes everything. I always find that when my kids are getting grumpy/attitude a change of scenery really helps. I hope this week gets better for you. So great that you packed your lunches instead of using fast food. And you don't have to "keep up." You just have to try each day. Progress not perfection is my personal mantra. Have a great week!

  6. Hugs! I wish I could offer you some fantastic advice but I'm still trying to learn to deal with my attitude-filled, tantrum throwing 2 year old. All you can do is take a deep breath and do the best you can.

  7. I could have written this word for word. I have felt like such a frustrated parent lately because I have two strong-willed little girls whose ears seem to have disappeared! I hope this week is better for both of us!

  8. Little ones are so hard. they throw off your game. I hope you feel motivated soon You can do it!!!

  9. We all have those times when we are feeling like a less then steller Mama. BUT everyone feels this way a time or two! Being a Mom is the absolute hardest job in the WORLD ,and sometimes we don't give ourselves enough credit for that!
    My now 10 yr old has always had a bit of an attitude/temper problem. I even took her to counseling (of course she was perfect for the counselor and I'm pretty sure she thought I was the one with the issues, LOL).
    I've been told by a few reliable sources a few ways to help with this.
    For every 1 negative comment you make (even if its nice) you should have 5 positive reinforcement comments. Let me tell you this is HARD but it doesn't have to be something big, even just being polite when you speak to her.,
    Keeping your attitude in check is another - and this is probably the hardest. Sometimes I have to put myself in a time out away from her so I can deal with her appropriately.
    I know it can be hard - but just keep at it and everything will be fine.
    And good job on making the switch on the pop VS water. I know how hard that can be., I am working on doing the same again since I had gotten off track.
    Have a WONDERFUL week!

  10. You are definitely not alone! I don't know anyone whose kid's don't test their patience!! Good luck with the 2 week challenge :)

  11. As everyone is telling you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! My children try me sometimes so bad that it frustrates me! I know exactly what you are going through. Looking forward to joining you in the 2 Week Challenge. Hope you have a better week this week!